Wednesday, 22 February 2012

And Another Thing

Not content with the Costwold Ride (50 miles) and the Norwich 50/100 plus the St Edmundbury Wheel (probably 50 or 100), AND the Dunwich Dynamo (120 miles overnight), we're also hoping for a long weekend ride this year. This might be Cornwall to Cotswolds or it could be Cotswolds to Norfolk or something similar.

But in case all that cycling seems like too much, I think I might have agreed to run a half marathon this year by way of a rest from the saddle.


Next year we're hoping for another really big adventure. It could be the Pyrenees east to west or it could be the Jogle (Le Jog in reverse) which is John O'Groats to lands End. Or it might be something different altogether!

But it will be worth training for, of that I'm sure!


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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Another one for the Diary for the P2V Team!

As part of our preparation for the Dunwich Dynamo, the four of us will hopefully be taking part in the Cotswold Bike Ride, a hilly 50 miler on 20th May.

That should be good preparation for the Norwich and Bury rides and a nice start to the Paris to Venice team's season together. It looks like at least three of us will be doing the Dynamo at the end of June, which is great news.

We're also hoping to arrange at least one long weekend ride, maybe based in the Cotswolds and Wales, and we're starting to talk about a big ride for 2013... That will maintain the three-yearly cycle and suits me fine, as I'm hoping to fit at least two more of those in before I'm 60, which (yikes!) will be in 2016.

Roll on spring, summer and great times in the company of fine friends! 


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

No, I Didn't Hibernate

It might have seemed like a good idea, and motivation through the winter hasn't been easy, even while the weather stayed mild, but my lack of posts on here don't entirely reflect my level of exercise over the past four months.

Not exactly, anyway.

But today's brief dash into town (all of about ten minutes each way) was my first ride for a few weeks. That's why I thought I should post my plans for this year on here so that I will at least be accountable to you.

On 30th June, I plan to take part in the Dunwich Dynamo - an overnight ride from London to the Suffolk coastal town of Dunwich. I've never ridden overnight, so, although it's not a mammoth undertaking like Paris to Venice it will still be quite a stiff challenge. The distance is around 120 miles, which is near enough the same as my longest ever ride in one day, although that was over twenty years ago!

Hopefully, JR of the Paris to Venice team will join me. The ride is free to enter, by the way, and it should be possible to arrange transport back to London if you book as soon as the website is updated, so why not join us?

To prepare for the Dynamo I'll probably do the Norwich 50 or 100 and the St Edmundsbury Wheel. One is at the end of  May and the second is mid June. 

To prepare for the preparation I will have to do a bit more than ten minutes to the shops!


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