Wednesday, 29 December 2010

HOW Long????

I can't quite believe it's three months since I posted here, but it does seem like a long time since I was last on the bike!

Probably like you, I spent a part of my Christmas break looking forward to next year and even making a few tentative plans. Having done Paris to Venice in 2010, we won't be doing a really big ride in 2011, but we can still look forward to some good hard riding and an adventure or two.

The first of these should be in early spring, which does mean I'll have to seriously consider getting back into training - and soon.

So far, I've been asked about another Coast to Coast (maybe the new 'Roses' route, which is further south, and therefore longer, but also nearer), Hadrian's Wall (possibly both ways, starting and finishing in Carlisle), and an End to End, possibly starting at John O'Groats.

We also have a standing invitation to revisit the Yorkshire Dales, where we did three training weekends in 2010. Then again, we haven't done much in the west country...

We've done a coast to coast in two of the last three years, and really enjoyed it both times, so I suspect that's one we'll be doing at some point. Le Jog might be asking a bit too much of our loved ones, unless they can join in somehow, so that might happen next year.

One way or another though, I think we'll manage a few hundred hilly miles somewhere in the UK, as well as joining in a few charity rides, spending some pedal time in Jersey and generally looking for any excuse we can to get out there in the fresh air and feel the pain and exhilaration.

Maybe I'll even get a 'better' bike this year, although I have to admit I've grown rather attached to the one that got me safely over the Vosges, the Black Forest and The Alps during 14 marvellous days in September.


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