Monday, 12 March 2012

Getting There by Going in Circles

In the last few weeks I haven't been able to increase my mileage as I might have hoped, but I have had some decent little workouts on the bike and a couple of short runs.

Last Saturday saw us in Thetford Forest for the second time in a a fortnight. Two weeks earlier I used my own bike, without suspension, around an almost dry course. With some of the usual route closed off in preparation for a race, we took a slightly different course through the forest but still managed to ride most of the black run, including The Beast. It was a bone-jarring ride but felt good - I almost kept up with John!

The second time, after some heavy rain in the previous week, I hired a bike and there was quite a difference. I sensed a little less directional stability from the combination of different tyres, soft suspension and more slippery conditions, and a few of the bends and muddy sections took a lot more concentration this time around. The Beast was fun as always. Front suspension did make for a much less painful session, and the disc brakes were a revelation. Our old friend Richard joined us for this ride and enjoyed it so much we aim to meet up there more regularly.

As well as the off-road stuff I have had a couple of short road rides and quick trips into town. I feel pretty good and quite fast but there are a lot of miles to do if I'm going to build the stamina I need for the longer rides to come.


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