Monday, 18 March 2013

Regular Riding Brings Results

Yesterday's ride was a good opportunity to reflect on my current fitness and assess my progress towards the 120 mile target for 6th April. It also inspired cycling tip twenty, which will be with you soon.

Although we only covered just over 23 miles yesterday, when I add this to the testing 30 miles from Friday, it just about equivalent to the 40 mile weekend ride I hoped to do.

The important thing was that I felt strong, kept up with John, and could feel my pedalling technique has improved.

With less than three weeks to go now, I obviously have to step up the mileage more quickly than I would like, but it does give me a real incentive to do so (and an excuse to spend the time on the bike!).

I'll be in Jersey next week, which is also a good excuse for a round-the-island ride. That's about 44 miles, from memory, so it should help. Especially if I do it twice.

So... so far, so good.